Sown and raised in the 514.

514 is about taking the best of Montreal, wrapping it up, and sharing it across the country. We grow and nurture our cannabis while investing love and pride into our products. It's out craft, it's our passion, and it's locally-made.

Inside 514 cannabis factory

We proudly produce quality cannabis a true 514 resident can relate to, and that any Canadian can appreciate.

It all starts with a seed.

514’s vertical, state-of-the-art aeroponic towers provide the perfect living environment for quality cannabis production. We create an incomparable growing climate known to be clean, efficient, and rapid.

By dramatically reducing the chances of spreading plant disease and infection commonly found in soil, we achieve a fresh, local, and unique nurturing process.

Cannabis drying in 514 factory

Proudly located in Ville d’Anjou, a borough of the island of Montreal, 514 is a premium brand of cannabis created by Great White North Growers (GWNG) a privately held producer. 514 is where craftsmanship and science meet.

Our skilled team of legacy growers are cultivating premium cannabis with a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system. Fully build out, phase 1 will comprise 54,000 square feet with a production capacity of 17,000 kilograms of cannabis.

GWNG is creating over 100 jobs and has embraced an organizational culture of operational excellence, environmental consciousness, social responsibility, and entrepreneurial attitude. Our diverse group of Quebecers have committed to give back to their local community.

People behind the brand

People behind the brand People behind the brand
Peter Schissler - 514

Peter Schissler

Co-Founder, President CEO

George Goukalos - 514

George Goulakos

Co-Founder, Executive VP Sales and Marketing

George Desypris, Ph.D.

Co-Founder VP Clinical Development

Francois Boisvert GWNG

Francois Boisvert

Facility Manager

Nadia D’Orazio

Administration Assistant

Cultivation Team

Tony Padula - Cultivation manager 514

Tony Padula

Cultivation Manager

Mark Dickerman employee 514

Mark Dickerman

Cultivation Team

Kenneth Warren - Cultivation Team

Kenny Warren

Cultivation Team

Jerry Chen

Quality Assurance Associate

"I’m so proud of our team. We’re a diverse, talented and hardworking group - a true reflection of our city. We are proud of our roots and passionate about the beautiful Cannabis we produce. Made with love in the 514." -Peter Schissler, Co-Founder, President CEO

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Great White North Growers is a privately held producer of premium grade medical and recreational cannabis. Our diverse group of corporate Quebecers make it a priority to give back to their local community.

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