Our Cannabis St-Henri Kush Pre-rolled

St-Henri Kush Pre-rolled

THC 17-27% CBD 0-2%


Linalool, Limonene, Caryophyllene


Earthy Green

St-Henri Kush Joints
OG St-Henri Kush by 514
OG St-Henri Kush by 514

St-Henri Kush

OG Saint-Henri Kush pre-rolled

A company’s first strain usually reflects their profound values, beliefs and what they stand for in terms of quality and taste. It comes as no surprise that we decided to associate our first product, the St-Henri Kush, to one of Montreal’s most appreciated, historical areas.

Our first OG Kush hits the perfect spot of the indica-dominant hybrid scale.


Saint-Henri is well known as a historically French-Canadian, Irish and Black working class neighbourhood. The area—historically known as Les Tanneries because of the artisans’ shops where leather tanning took place—was named for St. Henry via the Église Saint-Henri. Historically, Saint-Henri was occupied predominantly by French-Canadian blue-collar workers.

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Laurent & Dana from Officiel



Modern Makers are entrepreneurs who know that given enough time, one little seed can grow into city.

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St-Henri Kush

Grown in the 514

514 takes pride in sharing with the world a unique taste of what Montreal is all about.